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Pendants of Virgo Constellation

Today, we will introduce some pendants of Virgo.

The people who born on August 23 to September 22 are Virgo. People who are Virgo are perfectionist. Everything is required to be perfect. They are good at analysis. They are very modest, patient and thoughtful.

Virgo constellation symbol is a head of women. Astronomical symbol of Virgo constellation is ♍. Do you like the necklace pendant with Virgo constellation elements? There are various styles of stainless steel jewelry with Virgo constellation elements for you to choose in Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel Jewelry Co.,Ltd. We are a professional stainless steel jewelry manufacturer with more than 10 years experience. Now let me introduce some special designs for you.

Please look at the following Three necklace pendants. They are made by stainless steel. The first design is a round pendant with word “Virgo” and woman’s picture on it.It can be a necklace pendant or a bracelet pendant. The second pendant design is word “Virgo” with crystals on the letter of “V”. The third pendant style is a circle inlaid crystals with astronomical symbol of Virgo inside. If you have a Virgo constellation girlfriend, she would be happy to get these necklace pendants to be a gift.

Virgo PendantVirgo PendantVirgo Pendant

The brief introduce about pendants of Virgo is finished. Thanks for your attention. For more styles about necklace pendants with Leo constellation elements, please pay more attention to the website: