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Jewelry of Dream Catcher Styles

dream catcher.jpg

Dream catchers and feathers have been popping up everywhere these days. For those of you who do not know : Dream Catchers are a part of Native American tradition that is used as a spiritual filter to “catch” negative dreams before they enter your dreams. Bad dreams of the person who hung the dream catcher above their bed get caught in the web, where it is quarantined until morning while sweet, delectable dreams slip through the web and trickle down the feather. 

belly ring 3.jpg

Follow your dreams and join the fun while wearing this gold dangling dream catcher belly ring! Or if you’re up to it, you can take it to a higher level. This set of dream catcher nipple shields is definitely eye-catching.  Show off your nipple rings!

nipple ring

If you want to catch a dream but don't have a dreamcatcher, simply, a book said that as long as you hanging a dreamcatcher in your hearts, wake up a little bit earlier every day, sapre a few minutes, lying in bed, quietly back to last night's dream, the dream will naturally emerged.
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